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26 September 2019

Mag een wederverkoper mijn merk gebruiken?

Je merkproducten breng je op de EER-markt via wederverkopers. Je officiële wederverkopers en jij zien echter dat je merkproducten ook door andere partijen worden verkocht, vaak […]
7 September 2019

New logo! Do I have the copyrights and how to further protect it?

17 June 2019

Verbod stereotypering in reclame in VK van kracht. Nederland kent nog geen specifieke regels tegen stereotypering.


Menno Heerma van Voss

Menno is advising large and small companies for years with respect to intellectual property, (comparative) advertising, e-commerce, ICT, privacy and consumer law.

Menno is a seasoned litigation attorney with more than 20 years of experience in courts and at the Dutch Advertising Code Commission.He also has extensive experience with various commercial contracts, such as license, distribution and R&D agreements.

In addition, Menno regularly publishes and gives lectures and courses.

Before establising KEENON, he worked at Baker & McKenzie and was a partner at the IP & ICT boutique law firms SOLV and Ventoux.
+31 6 5353 8737

how we work


Before you get started, you will receive a cost estimate based on time and rates. Other arrangements are also possible, such as fixed fee, capped fee or success fee.
We do not charge office costs.


We also offer products for fixed prices, such as Advertising copy check, Privacy scan, E-commerce scan, GT&Cs check. And different template agreements, such as IP transfer-, confidentiality agreements and quit claims.


All correspondence and documents are digitally stored and sent. The data is stored on (external) servers in the EU. We do not keep paper files, unless such is mandatory or you request us to do so.